Sunday, July 11, 2010

Worth It All

So, as I've said in another post, I love reliving moments by going through the photos after the event....Sometimes, you just have an awesome set of circumstances that allows one to witness the moment, live the moment, and ALSO Capture The Moment in pictures.

We had just that moment last Tuesday night. Let me back up.....Monday night, my husband (coach) and son's ALL-STAR team lost 25-0. Not a great night. Though, I must say that even with that loss, I was proud of our boys. One moment that stood out in my mind was OUR pitcher walking over to third base line to give the other team's player a high five after he hit a homerun.

Then there was Tuesday. It just seemed like a magical night. One of our guys got a homerun, and from that point on, we were on our game. Unlike Monday night's game, these two teams were evenly matched. It was back and forth all the way. Ended up going into extra innings, and though they were last at bat, we ended up winning by ONE.

Now, I am a mom that doesn't usually yell during games. Always afraid I will yell the wrong thing, if truth be known. But Tuesday, I yelled, I rooted, I jumped up and down, I hid my eyes (and even hid the camera lens a few times, not wanting to "jinx" it), I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

There were so many moments that thankfully were captured.

The undeniable thrill of hitting a homerun....WALKING ON AIR across home plate!

Coach taking the time to say "Great job!".


Boys not afraid to offer a hug of congratulations!

Fun and fellowship.

The thrill of the win fades with the next loss. But the photos are there forever. To remind us of how blessed we are!

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