Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Story....

Last year, I posted this story that told a bit about my daddy's wallet.

To recap it daddy died in January of last year. He died suddenly in his his job, as he was about to head home. While he sat there in his truck for the short amount of time before a co-worker discovered him...someone stole his wallet off of his body. read that correctly. Evil exists among us. But let's not dwell on that. That person does not deserve my energy.

From the beginning, I "knew" we would get the wallet back. Somehow....some way...! I pictured it showing up on Christmas Day...a "Christmas Miracle" is what I envisioned. And since he died in January, I figured we had 11 months for the wheels to get in motion for this miracle.

But then, last March 17th...St. Patrick's Day...our miracle came brother got a call that the wallet...and its contents....had been found in the middle of a work yard at a recycling plant. No explanation of how it got there....or where it had been for two months....

But it was there! see....I was right to believe in miracles...I just didn't put enough faith in the impact of my Irish roots!

Christmas has the traditional reading of "The Night Before Christmas" and the telling of the Christmas story.... For as long as I live I will likely tell my "St. Patrick's Day Miracle" story to any who will listen! And even to a few who just can't get away fast enough!

Wear green on Saturday!! I know I will!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Little Things...

Last Friday was Texas Independence Day...for those who did not know... Therefore, I had the day off from my "day job". Once I got my kids off to school, I pulled my
hair back in a ponytail and took search of SOMETHING to assure me that Spring was indeed right around the corner. So...the Carleen Bright Arboretum it was.

Funny thing about the can drive there, circle around their driveway, and never see the beauty of it all. If you aren't looking, that is. I used to do a quick drive-thru, see no wonderful blooms out in the open, and take off. But then one day I went there and just needed peace and quiet. So I got out, lugging the camera along with me, and found a world of beauty hiding in the shadows. What looks like wet grass from the driveway is actually an entire world of glistening diamonds and lakes and least from a bug's perspective. I am sure I must look quite funny...I will walk down a path, leaning this way and that....trying to find the right light. And when I do.....I go into super-shooter mode! I have currently misplaced my tri-pod so I have to rely on a steady hand to get the shot...therefore, I shoot....ummmmm...perhaps a million shots...of a tiny droplet!!

Occasionally, I am truly blessed and a "critter" (what I call any living, animated thing) will stop by to take a drink or to load up on pollen. This past Friday, I had no such luck. But soon enough.....there will be bees and lady bugs and road runners....OH MY!!!

Go enjoy some nature!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who Knows Ya, Baby?

In a Facebook post the other day, I told one of my friends to give me a blog topic...saying that she knows what goes on in my head more than most.... That got me to thinking....who, in our transient world, knows me the best?

Right off, I will eliminate family. Not because they don't know me, but they shouldn't count. So let's look at friends. I think because i have moved around a lot in my life, I always categorize my friends...there are childhood friends, work friends, school friends, family friends, church friends, photography friends, and my kids' friends' parents... I hope that doesn't sound offensive, the fact that I have categories. I also have what my husband and I refer to as "lifetime friends"...anyone from the other categories can, at anytime, also hold a spot in this category.

If you know me on a friendship level at all, you know certain things about me....I love photography. I am a rule-follower. At least when it comes to some things (I rarely speed and never call in sick when I am not for instance) BUT...I also like to break other rules at times. I do not worry about wearing the latest fashion...I wear the same boring style shoes for a year at a in and day out...(I also claim that funky shoes are my mid-life crisis, which actually breaks my own rule about boring shoes!!). If you tell me I can't, I will sure try to prove you wrong... I don't talk religion or politics, but have a very strong faith and my own opinions of government. I'm a tough mama who hands out very little sympathy to my kids.....but if you cross them ya better watch out...MAMA BEAR CAN GET MAD!! Also....if you haven't noticed, I type as I speak...some pauses, overuse of commas and periods.... (see what I mean) but I am also naturally talented in the area of grammar....I just choose to break those rules.

My two oldest friends (in terms of years known) are twins...a good thing about that is I never have to worry about that friendship "competition" thing....after all...they shared a womb...I just joined them as soon as I could. Ha! Somewhere in this world, we have recordings of us being kids, carrying on about boys and dramas of pre-teen life. These recordings were made in a tent one night during a sleepover. We also have our references that others just would not get...if one of them texts me that they are stressed with life....I just send back "coo-coo pigeon" and KNOW that I made them smile. Star-gazing, hot-dogs, marshmallows over the fence, the Fantasy Van, the clubhouse, coke through the nose, Dirti, Ditzi, Mr. Bubble....there's a story to each of those!! We have our differences at times and we all live too far apart, but they would be there in a minute if I needed them to be.

I'm not a "party gal" kind of girl, AT ALL, so a lot of my friends are made through work, kids' activities, etc.... These friends may not know all of my historical details, but they know my immediate concerns. These are the friends who know my day to day concerns about work, my photography, the days I have energy (they often pray for their own strength when I am hyper), and the days I can barely make it home at night because I am exhausted. They give me rides home when I get sick, they rally around me in daily struggles....sometimes they even make dinner suggestions. They lecture to me when I need it and let me pout when I don't like the lecture I just got. They roll their eyes...which is alright by me...and most of all...they let me be me.

There's a group of us "lifetime friends" that get together as often as possible....friends since childhood, their spouses and children, and even some of our parents....This group started with a group of guys in the 70s and 80s. There is such a feeling of belonging when we get together...we hang out at the campfire...tell old stories as well as new....enjoy watching the kids play together....we'll enjoy good food, good laughter and take at least....ohhhh....about 1,000 photos of the weekend. We've had to miss a few years due to some issues of life getting in the way...but I know we'll pick back up again soon.

So...back to the question....who knows me best? I don't have the answer.....but I do know I am blessed to have the friends in my life that I do....old ones, new ones, silly ones, serious ones.....all I ask for are honest ones!!!

Who knows YOU best?

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Learn something new everyday

Soooo....I've been trying to find a way to write my blog when it's convenient for ME... I started last week, while waiting outside at one of my son's activities. I wrote it in my Noteshelf app, waited till I got home to my WI FI, and then went into Safari, opened my Blogger page, copied and pasted. Worked ok...but had to forgo the photos because I wasn't sure they would work. So this week, I followed same procedure, but added photos. Previewed the post, saw the photos, and submitted it. Now I can't see the photos. Boo!!

Last night I was winding down for the day and found BlogPress. Downloaded the app, and tested it this good....

So...perhaps I'll blog more often with this convenience. For now...let me post a few things to celebrate tomorrow....Texas Independence Day...

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just testing this to see if it works

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