Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I have a theory about leap-day...that once-every-four-years day that will make its appearance tomorrow. When I was young I had a hard time remembering which year was leap year. I also had a hard time remembering which year was a presidential election year....and for that matter, which year had the Olympics going on...back when the winter and summer games were in the same year...GUESS WHAT...THEY WERE ALL THE SAME YEAR!!!

My theory is that we had SO MUCH going on that they had to add an extra day. Of course, as I've grown older (and much much more weary) I am convinced we have the extra day so that we can be TORTURED by politicians....ugh!
Anyway....let's not dwell on that.

Guess what??? I have "SPRING FEVER". I am trying not to...knowing that there is likely bad, cold weather ahead of us, but have you FELT the vibes lately? I take my daughter in at 6:30 most mornings....and I grumble about it a lot....but by the time I get back to the house, I find myself amazed at the birds chirping and the fresh smell in the air....beautiful.

As a photographer, I am usually fighting stereotypes....we all do. But photographers are SUPPOSED to like wildflowers and spring scenes and longer days. I confess...each summer, as the remnants of the last flowers are withering in the hot sun, I take stock of my spring shots and decide that SURELY I have enough photos of bluebonnets and Indian blankets to last a lifetime. I swear that NEXT YEAR I will forgo the urge to run out to the Arboretum and snap away. But guess what....I always return. And I find myself taking deep breaths and nudging whoever I dragged along with me and saying, "Just SMELL that.....have you ever smelled anything so beautiful?"

Two years ago I went out after a rain and found droplets of water on the daisies, reflecting other daisies. You would have thought I scored a touchdown! I've got some shots of our football guys running off the field after a great win, and they are 2 feet off the ground, pumping their fists in the air....that was me after getting the shots of the daisies and water droplets.... Just goes to show that there is always room and time for one more look, one more shot.

Last year, with the drought in Central Texas, I kept waiting and waiting for the flowers, and basically they never showed up. Therefore, I am doubly anxious this year to spot the first bluebonnet peeping through the ground.....stay tuned....

In the meantime, enjoy some from years past. And remember....if you are going to take shots in the bluebonnets....seek out the patches in parks and the ones that are WAY OFF of the road.... SAFETY FIRST!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ok. So I have been neglecting my blogging. And I hate that. So I challenged my friends to challenge me, and they have...so I shall blog.

What to blog about? It's not as if I have no ideas for blog entries. I have those ALL the time....driving down the road, fixing dinner, in the grocery store....I'm just never near a computer. Yeah....that's my excuse.... Wait! Isn't that why I got my iPad? So I could do things when not near a computer? My next excuse....hmmmmm....because I may have nothing of interest to say..... Wait! That won't work....I often have nothing of interest to SAY yet I talk every chance I get....I could go on and on finding excuses, but perhaps I should start blogging instead.

Still trying to define this blog. (that is another excuse)... And my definition will be this....it will be a DEENA BLOG. I am part photographer, part social worker, ALL wife and ALL mom, part cook, part crafter-wanna-be, ALL Christian, disgustingly (at times) optimistic and unapologetically honest (about myself and my crazy thoughts) Not true...I apologize a LOT....sorry about that!

So....I've blogged about blogging....not a bad re-start to the blogging thing. (are you shaking your head and rolling your eyes and my ability to ramble yet???)

I will soon be connecting up to some friends' blogs....and reconnecting with my sisters blog. Want to hear a secret? I secretly worry about reading other people's blogs, for fear of stealing their ideas.... It's not that I intend to steal ideas, but if their blog inspires me to contemplate things, and if I plan to blog about things I am contemplating.....well, you see where I am going....

I again challenge anyone reading this to challenge me to post again before the week is up....and I'll even try to include some photos next time....