Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ok. So I have been neglecting my blogging. And I hate that. So I challenged my friends to challenge me, and they have...so I shall blog.

What to blog about? It's not as if I have no ideas for blog entries. I have those ALL the time....driving down the road, fixing dinner, in the grocery store....I'm just never near a computer. Yeah....that's my excuse.... Wait! Isn't that why I got my iPad? So I could do things when not near a computer? My next excuse....hmmmmm....because I may have nothing of interest to say..... Wait! That won't work....I often have nothing of interest to SAY yet I talk every chance I get....I could go on and on finding excuses, but perhaps I should start blogging instead.

Still trying to define this blog. (that is another excuse)... And my definition will be this....it will be a DEENA BLOG. I am part photographer, part social worker, ALL wife and ALL mom, part cook, part crafter-wanna-be, ALL Christian, disgustingly (at times) optimistic and unapologetically honest (about myself and my crazy thoughts) Not true...I apologize a LOT....sorry about that!

So....I've blogged about blogging....not a bad re-start to the blogging thing. (are you shaking your head and rolling your eyes and my ability to ramble yet???)

I will soon be connecting up to some friends' blogs....and reconnecting with my sisters blog. Want to hear a secret? I secretly worry about reading other people's blogs, for fear of stealing their ideas.... It's not that I intend to steal ideas, but if their blog inspires me to contemplate things, and if I plan to blog about things I am contemplating.....well, you see where I am going....

I again challenge anyone reading this to challenge me to post again before the week is up....and I'll even try to include some photos next time....

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Steph said...

Yay! You've done it and it's hilarious and honest. Love it!