Friday, January 8, 2010

My Grandpa

Still creating new photos out of old photos. This is my Grandpa. He passed away 9 years ago this March. When I shot this photo, he was at a stage where he didn't want me taking his photo. He always thought we were "wasting film" on him.

So for this shot, he and my husband were sitting on the front porch, with the dogs all around on a lazy hot afternoon. I had just pointed the camera at him, and he fussed at me, so I pointed the camera at my husband and said, "Oh, Grandpa, I'm taking a picture of Mark, not you!" Took the shot of my husband, then quickly turned and shot the one of him above. In the originals, you can actually line up the door frame behind them, and you have a great image of two men chatting away the day!

Here is the shot of Mark the same day.

Always take the shot! Even if you have to be a bit sneaky to do it! These may be my most cherished photos!

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