Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's been a while....again....since I last blogged. Geez...that sounds like a confession or something..."Forgive me readers, for I have sinned....." question is....are there any readers even out there. Ha

Craziness has been the word of my world lately. May, of course, was filled with the end-of-school stuff. Seemed like a new awards ceremony every evening. Like a bad mom, I didn't even take the camera to some. Plumb wore out.

A few weeks ago was one of my favorite activities....THE KOSSE RODEO. I prefer the small town Texas rodeos. Not the huge productions. Problem is that small town usually equals low lighting situations, but I've learned to deal with it!

ANYWAY....this year I got brave and got up into a booth right above the chutes on Saturday. To me...that was like winning the super bowl! I think, perhaps, that the rodeo workers have about decided I am a stalker. I swear, I'm not! I just love to capture those moments. Those guys (and the majority ARE men) LOVE what they do. From the kids to the stall cleaners to the rodeo clowns. They enjoy the work, and it shows.

There is a photo somewhere in my world of my Grandpa riding a bucking
bronc waaaaaaaayyyyy back in the day. It fascinates me! That was probably what got me started in the pursuit of rodeo photography...that photo.

I may never get the perfectly clear shot of the bull bucking "just so"...but that's ok. I like to shoot for the FEEL of the event...the feel of the tradition...generations following generations....history!


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Ma says it is a very good blog and she reads it
Anna, Your niece

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