Monday, February 17, 2014

God Keeps His Promises

Sunday evening, Heather and I were driving back from Austin. We were somewhere between Brady and San Angelo and I'm watching the western sky. There was the sun, making its way down, but off to the right of the sun was a big bank of clouds. And they were moving towards the sun. I told Heather there was potential for a sunset, but it appeared those clouds would block it in the end. She looked over and agreed.

We drove on....we sang songs...and I continued to eye the sunset. It appeared to us that the sun was below the horizon already. That bank of clouds thwarting the beauty that could have been. Somewhere along the way I commented it was probably for the best...with my camera not operational, it would be frustrating to come across a scene I couldn't capture on film.

Then...suddenly...there was a gleam of sunbeam...and we realized the sun was indeed still above the horizon, just hidden by those clouds. Then quite quickly, the dull, blunted clouds gave way to perhaps one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. It was as if God was showing off, since I had doubted the possibility just moments before. We drove on for what seemed like forever with me hollering, "just look at it, Heather....". The sky changed colors, the colors swept over us for a while, giving depth to the clouds that had threatened to drown it in the beginning.

I told Heather...and it was true...that it was almost painful to not be able to take any pictures. I did make her pull out her iphone and shoot a few.

But I also thought of the deeper lesson...even when things look bleak and impossible, God can reach in His pocket and pull out a beautiful miracle just to prove us wrong. Funny how He always has that answer!!

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