Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Imperfect Necessity

I get a bit wrapped up sometimes in getting "professional" shots. Ones that have some value for potential customers. I find that I sometimes forget to get the day in and day out snapshots. I sometimes take the shot, but then don't feel they are "technically correct" enough to share.

Today, I'm sharing from our weekend. Just some snapshots. In imperfect places with imperfect lighting, and typically zero time to prepare.
At the Blue and Gold Banquet....some of the Cub Scouts visiting with my father-in-law, inquiring about his patches.

My boy getting recognized later in the same banquet.

It was a big day for him....Here he is "getting some leather" from the Baylor catcher after he threw out the first pitch at the first baseball game of the season for Baylor Baseball.

Here he is on Saturday evening. After the above events AND a church lock-in, he was tuckered out!

Perfect moments deserve to be captured. Perfectly or not!

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