Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Story....

Last year, I posted this story that told a bit about my daddy's wallet.

To recap it daddy died in January of last year. He died suddenly in his his job, as he was about to head home. While he sat there in his truck for the short amount of time before a co-worker discovered him...someone stole his wallet off of his body. read that correctly. Evil exists among us. But let's not dwell on that. That person does not deserve my energy.

From the beginning, I "knew" we would get the wallet back. Somehow....some way...! I pictured it showing up on Christmas Day...a "Christmas Miracle" is what I envisioned. And since he died in January, I figured we had 11 months for the wheels to get in motion for this miracle.

But then, last March 17th...St. Patrick's Day...our miracle came brother got a call that the wallet...and its contents....had been found in the middle of a work yard at a recycling plant. No explanation of how it got there....or where it had been for two months....

But it was there! see....I was right to believe in miracles...I just didn't put enough faith in the impact of my Irish roots!

Christmas has the traditional reading of "The Night Before Christmas" and the telling of the Christmas story.... For as long as I live I will likely tell my "St. Patrick's Day Miracle" story to any who will listen! And even to a few who just can't get away fast enough!

Wear green on Saturday!! I know I will!

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