Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Little Things...

Last Friday was Texas Independence Day...for those who did not know... Therefore, I had the day off from my "day job". Once I got my kids off to school, I pulled my
hair back in a ponytail and took search of SOMETHING to assure me that Spring was indeed right around the corner. So...the Carleen Bright Arboretum it was.

Funny thing about the can drive there, circle around their driveway, and never see the beauty of it all. If you aren't looking, that is. I used to do a quick drive-thru, see no wonderful blooms out in the open, and take off. But then one day I went there and just needed peace and quiet. So I got out, lugging the camera along with me, and found a world of beauty hiding in the shadows. What looks like wet grass from the driveway is actually an entire world of glistening diamonds and lakes and least from a bug's perspective. I am sure I must look quite funny...I will walk down a path, leaning this way and that....trying to find the right light. And when I do.....I go into super-shooter mode! I have currently misplaced my tri-pod so I have to rely on a steady hand to get the shot...therefore, I shoot....ummmmm...perhaps a million shots...of a tiny droplet!!

Occasionally, I am truly blessed and a "critter" (what I call any living, animated thing) will stop by to take a drink or to load up on pollen. This past Friday, I had no such luck. But soon enough.....there will be bees and lady bugs and road runners....OH MY!!!

Go enjoy some nature!

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